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An Archive

Fanfiction & Miscellany

Obligatory Disclaimer
This comm probably won't be updated again, but for those who are curious, this is what you'll find here:

Peaceful blue layout aside, my fiction tends towards the dark and twisted. There's foul language, violence, and sex. I write slash, femmeslash, and het, as well as the odd bit of gen, and I don't shy away from incest pairings.

I also don't bother with headers if I'm posting here directly. All entries are tagged with their rating, characters, pairings (if any), and any applicable warnings. These tags are there for a reason -- don't complain to me if you failed to read them and got squicked by something I went to the effort of warning you about.

Also, my fiction is... how can I put this? Oh, yes. Fictional. Just because I write about something, that doesn't mean I endorse it in any way. If you think I do endorse the horrible things I write about, I humbly suggest you look up the definition of 'fiction' and refrain from bringing any children into the world until you're clear on the difference between what is real and what is imaginary, and can teach them accordingly. Thank you.

[SPN] But It Lives Forever In Reruns
[spn - impala] sexyback
Written for allfireburns, in the hope that it would make her smile. Inspired by this bit of crack.

Feel better, love.

Two angels walk into a diner...Collapse )

[LoM] Christmas Cheer
[lom - gene] man of honor
Written for allfireburns. Prompt: "Winter".

God rest ye, merry gentlemen...Collapse )

[Repo] Inheritance
[repo! - poster] moderate zydrate
For starletfallen. Prompt: "Heretic". (The law: I'm doing it wrong. But hey. It's the future. Future!law is different, or something.)

"You think you've got balls, bitch? Then get in."Collapse )

[Repo] Bedtime Stories
[apples] skull
For allfireburns. Prompt: "Once".

In which Nathan UTTERLY FAILS as a parent.Collapse )

[Repo] Count No Man Happy
[repo! - poster] repo recruitment
For kawaiispinel. Prompt: "Fortunate".

Drabble: 100 words exactlyCollapse )

[Repo] A Study in Blue and Red
[repo! - poster] repo recruitment
For starletfallen. Prompt: "Zydrate."

His life, painted in blue and red.Collapse )

[Torchwood] Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
[tw - suzie] glove
A drabble request from draegonhawke. Prompt: "Ignoble."

Let Jack have his illusions of nobility -- Suzie knew quite well what she was. Common in every possible way, wading through the filth with the worst of them. Ask her to paint a picture of her world, and she'd render it in a thousand shades of shit.

And then came the Glove, and a world rendered in technicolor. It was fire in her veins, the sharp tang of ozone after a storm. It was something to aspire towards: the promise of infinite life. Ignoble means towards the noblest of goals.

In the end, it was enough, when nothing else was.

[Torchwood] A Professional Climate pt 1: The Logs
[dw/tw - jack] sexually satisfies
This really isn't a response to a prompt by allfireburns, but the request for Suzie/Tosh did influence this a bit. The bunny's older than that, though.

Warnings for innuendo, a big chunk of the Torchwood chat logs and pseudounix syntax. The chat portion was meant to be much shorter than it turned out. Oh well. Those who hate scriptfic, stay far, far away. Real prose happens in part 2.

In which the air conditioning's broken and Jack has a brilliant idea.Collapse )

Prompt responses.
[apples] skull
This was a post asking for cracky prompts.

Responses to those prompts are in the comments.

[Doctor Who] Five Things That Never Happened to the Master
[dw - master/doctor] my best enemy
I started this ages ago. And now it's finished, as of this morning. And that's all I have to say about that.

Many thanks go to aguynamedgoo, draegonhawke, starletfallen, allfireburns, and piratepurple for looking over various bits of this. The feedback was wonderfully helpful. Thanks so much, everyone.

Mercy. Regret. Silence. Loneliness. Love.Collapse )